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TypeDescriptionForm #
CatalogsC, CA, CR, CS, CCA CurbsC189F - Sept. 2015
CatalogsDC Fan Only Performance (for horticulture & agricultural applications)C29_DC
CatalogsDC, DCK, DCH & K Belt Drive Propeller Wall Fans C189F - Sept 2015
CatalogsDCA FAN OnlyC29_DCA Jan. 2004
CatalogsDCAWS Performance DataB183A - Sept. 2001
CatalogsDCWS Performance Data (for horticulture & agricultural applications)B182A - August 2001
CatalogsDDPG Galvanized and DDPS Stainless Steel PerformanceB73N- May 2018
CatalogsEC & ECH Belt Drive Propeller Roof Ventilators C189F - Sept. 2015
CatalogsFAN-Jet Make-Up Air SystemsC36J-November 1994
CatalogsFan-Jet® Air Distribution SystemB253A - April 2016
CatalogsFN & FQ Direct Drive Propeller Wall Fans C189F - Setp. 2015
CatalogsHAF Valu-Master Horizontal Air Flow Fan B147G - July 2019
CatalogsKool-Cel PadsB180C - December 2017
CatalogsKool-Cel® - CAEG Closed Aluminum Top with Extruded Gutter Acme Evaporative Cooling System for 4-Inch PadsB249B - May 2016
CatalogsOSEG/CSEG Kool-Cel® Open Stainless Top with Extruded Gutter and Closed Stainless Steel Top with Extruded GutterB225B - May 2016
CatalogsPDURF and PDURG Restaurant Exhauster Direct Drive Centrifugal Roof/Wall Exhauster C189F - Sept. 2015
CatalogsPL Belt Drive Centrifugal Roof ExhausterC189F - Sept. 2015
CatalogsPNURF and PNURG Restaurant Exhausters Belt Drive Centrifugal Roof/Wall Exhauster C189F - Sept. 2015
CatalogsUBG Belt Drive Upblast Roof Exhauster C189F - Sept. 2015
CatalogsWAAC Aluminum Wall Inlet ShuttersB250B - March 2018
CatalogsWAG, WAGH, WAGC, WAGCH, AW, AR & ARH Backdraft DampersDampers.pdf